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Dr. Jocelyn Nolan Lee is driven by the quest to unearth transformative life principles and share them with you! Leveraging her unique blend of experience and insight, Jocelyn is committed to helping you silence that nagging inner critic, elevate your self-worth, expand your skill set, and unlock your full potential.

“In my ongoing work with women from all walks of life—be it former colleagues, students, friends, mothers, community leaders, or executives—I’ve encountered many who are yearning for change leading to a more fulfilling life. My purpose is to enlighten, support, and empower women to shift their mindset. Let’s work together to identify what truly matters to you, build a meaningful life, and achieve a sense of peace, freedom, and happiness.”

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Hello, I’m Jocelyn Lee, a writer, growth mindset coach, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in marketing and business development within the financial services industry. Throughout my career, I have discovered the profound power of storytelling for leaders across various industries. Storytelling has the ability to engage, promote, and gain buy-in from staff, teams, and followers, making it an invaluable tool for leadership.
Reading has been a source of inspiration for me since childhood, shaping my outlook on life. I am passionate about writing and how words can be used to empower people to think differently and subsequently change their lives. Inspired by thought leaders and writers who have the ability to transform their environments. I am dedicated to writing and using words to empower people to think differently and change their lives. Today, I am committed to being the change I want to see in the world through literary and motivational platforms.


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…the podcast where we take a pause from the noise of the world to dive deep into unlocking your true potential


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“Welcome to ‘Hush A Minute,’ the podcast where we take a pause from the noise of the world to dive deep into unlocking your true potential. I’m your host, Jocelyn Lee, and this podcast is an ode to my grandmother, who always knew how to command attention when something important needed to be said. So, hush a minute, and let’s get started.”

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Like a dear friend with your best interests at heart, Jocelyn Lee shares her wisdom and experience to help you stop hiding your authentic self and start living your best life. -K Shur

Sometimes you need a pick me up and some motivation. This book gave me that. Her pillars gave me direction and affirmed I’m on the right track. -K Wisco

In Stop Hiding, Jocelyn Lee reveals the five pillars of a growth mindset that she discovered in her own career and spiritual journey. In unguarded first-person vignettes, filtered through the lens of her resilient faith, Jocelyn offers the five pillars as pathway building blocks for those seeking to discover their full potential. Stop Hiding is a resource, as well as a workbook, for personal growth and development. For example, delve deeper into the growth pillars by reflecting on the Hush a Minute questions outlined at the end of each chapter. Go a step further by using the Growth Mindset Toolkit found in the appendix to craft an action plan aligned with your personal goals and aspirations. -BiblioLea

In Stop Hiding, Dr. Jocelyn Lee shares her heart and passion for helping others shine. Each chapter shares a facet or pillar of the growth mindset and is full of rich content and stories designed to inspire and help you thrive by embracing a growth mindset. I especially enjoyed the reflection questions at the end of each chapter and the toolkit in the appendix with practical ways to dive deeper. -Sarah S-

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