The Loads We Carry

The Loads We Carry

When we find ourselves carrying the heavy loads of life–responsibilities, expectations, challenges, and even self-doubt, embracing a growth mindset can be beneficial. In the words of the iconic Lena Horne, who bravely fought against racism in the entertainment industry, endless indignities, and disappointments, she wisely said, ‘It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s how you carry it.’ These profound words serve as the cornerstone of our exploration into the art of hugging the loads. Consider load-bearing using the following growth mindsets: anointing, authenticity, agility, attitude, and audacity.


Embracing self-awareness and empowerment means anointing ourselves with the belief that we can handle whatever comes our way. We can lighten our load by acknowledging our inner strength and potential, reminding ourselves that we’re resilient and determined to tackle any challenge with the understanding that we are anointed to carry the load. This realization adds a profound dimension to our journey. It reminds us we’re not alone in dealing with life’s challenges.

There’s a higher power, whom I call God. Others refer to the divine, the universe, or higher consciousness, to find strength and guidance. I’m inspired and comforted by thinking of the load as an assignment from God. It reminds me that burdens have a purpose. Our growth and personal transformation are intimately connected to the anointing that leads us to our purpose.


Being authentic means embracing who we are, flaws and all. Our burden increases when we try to be someone we’re not. When we’re authentic, we shed unnecessary layers and show the world who we are. By doing so, we lighten our load and attract people and opportunities that resonate with us.


Life is unpredictable, and sometimes we’re faced with overwhelming obstacles. Carrying the weight requires agility, and the ability to adapt and pivot. With agility, we can navigate challenging situations with grace and ease, reducing the strain of the load we carry. It’s about being flexible and finding new paths when the old ones don’t work.


How we feel about the load we carry can make a big difference. You can turn a big burden into a manageable challenge with a positive attitude. When we have a growth mindset, we see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. As a result, our load lightens and we’re able to conquer even the toughest tasks.


Sometimes, we need the audacity to lighten the load – the boldness to take risks and step out of our comfort zone. Audacity means dreaming big and chasing your goals no matter what. We’re less likely to doubt and hesitate when we have courage. We don’t allow failure to hold us back, instead, we take bold steps toward our dreams.

Ultimately, we all carry a lot of weight as we navigate the ups and downs of life. A growth mindset gives us the strength and resilience to carry the load with grace and determination. The weight of the load doesn’t define us; how we carry it does, as Lena Horne wisely pointed out.

Join me on this journey and learn more about a growth mindset in my book, Stop Hiding: Unlock Your Full Potential and Embrace the 5 Pillars of a Growth Mindset.

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