Personal Growth Pains: Pressure-a Double-Edged Sword

Personal Growth Pains: Pressure-a Double-Edged Sword

Several months ago, I started experiencing a snapping hip sensation. My hip joint would buckle, causing a brief moment of pain, and then my movements returned to normal. Thinking that I was out of shape and needed more stretching, I allowed this to go on for several months. In the past few months, however, I experienced limited movement and greater discomfort. I visited an orthopedic doctor who informed me that I had hip impingement due to osteoarthritis. He also told me that treatment and physical therapy were necessary. Before undergoing surgery, however, he recommended orthopedic exercises to strengthen my hip muscles.

As I was doing the exercises, I noticed that the more pressure I applied to the hip joint, the more pain I experienced. I thought it seemed contradictory to apply pressure to a wounded area, nevertheless, I kept going. The thought persisted, but this time, it presented with greater clarity: “Apply pressure to an open wound, continuously, and directly on top of the wound to stop the bleeding.” Interesting, I didn’t have an open wound, but someone out there might. The directive is certainly a metaphor for life and the inspiration for this blog post. Multi-faceted performer, film, and television star Lena Horne cautioned us about the pressures we bear, saying:

It’s not the load that breaks you down. It’s the way you carry it.

Lena Horne

Pressure can be a double-edged sword. It can be both harmful and beneficial. Pressure is necessary to push us out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. However, it can also be a source of pain and grief. In the end, it’s up to us how to use it. My question today is, where do you need to apply pressure in your life to stop the metaphorical bleeding? Embracing a growth mindset can help!

Could it possibly be in your MIND? Are there negative thoughts or distractions that prevent you from accomplishing your goals? If yes, it’s important to identify what triggers any negative thoughts and prevent them from taking hold.

Could it be time to change your MILIEU? By removing yourself from toxic relationships and situations: is it time to clean up your environment?

Is your MONEY in need of better management? Are there unnecessary strains on your wallet?

In terms of MOMENTS, how do you spend them? Are you optimizing opportunities when presented to you?

How can you add more MEANING to your life? What can you do today that is aligned with your vision and values?

Incorporating the principles of a growth mindset, we can see that embracing this metaphorical application of pressure is a powerful way to foster personal growth and resilience. Belief in your ability to make positive changes in these areas, coupled with the spirit to persevere, the intellect to plan and adapt, and the self-insight to recognize where you need improvement, will lead to remarkable transformations. Remember, it’s not about avoiding discomfort but rather using it as a catalyst for your growth and development. So, take a moment to reflect on where you need to apply pressure in your life and start your journey toward a stronger, more empowered self.

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